WORKSHOP | Astrology Day Retreat

WORKSHOP | Astrology Day Retreat

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The energies of the planets affect our experiences on Earth, and following them can provide an excellent tool for self awareness. If you have the desire to learn how to read and interpret your own birth chart, as well as how those cycles may impact your life, please join us for a special Astrology 101 edition of our Mindfulness Day Retreat.  In this mini retreat, we will make time to incorporate more mindfulness into our lives by learning the elements, qualities, planets, lunar cycles, and signs of the zodiac. This retreat is meant to foster a sense of community through a shared interest in self exploration and open lecture-style learning, as well as give tips and tricks for discovering and embracing your own authentic cosmic fingerprint.

We will spend a safe socially distanced day dissecting the many archetypal symbols of Astrology, connecting their influence to our life experiences, and understanding how to use their cycles for our growth. You will leave with the ability to read and decipher your own birth chart, as well as understand past and upcoming life cycles.

The day will include:

  • Beginner to Intermediate Lecture & Discussion on Astrology and the Lunar Cycles, including the Signs, Houses, Planets, and More.
  • A Copy of Your Birth Chart.
  • A Curated Workbook Including Journaling Prompts & Exercises for the Retreat, as well as for Post Workshop Application.
  • Guided Meditations for the 4 Elements.
  • Crystal Kit Representing the Energies of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.
  • 3 Zodiac Charms to Represent your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs. (Charms can be added in studio to an existing piece of jewelry. Finished pieces such as bracelets and chains are also available for purchase separately.)
  • Light Refreshments.

By the end of the day, each attendee will leave with a birth chart they can interpret, validated by information meant to help make space for understanding and direction in a year of chaos, and armed with a toolkit for further self study. All supplies are included.

This workshop is led by Astrologer Michelle Rhodes of Moon+Myrrh, and will take place on Sunday, October 18th from 10am to 2pm at Bella Vita Jewelry in Downtown Little Rock. Space is limited to 6 students in order to safely socially distance.

Cost is $75 and includes all supplies needed for the workshop. You are encouraged to bring your own yoga mat, bolster, pillows or other items you may need to meditate and sit comfortably.  Please arrive wearing a mask and comfortable clothing for the workshop, and plan to wear your mask until seated.  Sanitizer and individual tools and supplies will be provided.

***Upon checkout, please provide your birth date, time, and city of birth to Bella Vita, or send via email to Michelle at It is very important to have all pieces of information for the birth chart. Refunds or cancellations due to incomplete information will not be available. 

Space is limited so sign up soon!

 Fine Print:

* Spaces are limited; online registration & payment are required to reserve your spot.
* Due to the nature of this event and for planning purposes, all sales are final on workshops.
* Light refreshments will be provided.  If you would like something more substantial for lunch, please bring a boxed lunch.

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