BASKET | Savanna Striped Bicycle Basket

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  • Bicycle basket black stripes and dashes
  • Being hundred percent natural, the baskets are environmentally friendly as the waste decomposes easily, enriching the soil for natural re-vegetation.
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About the company:
Savanna Baskets is a social enterprise, set up to bring rural artisans together into cooperatives, help them produce and market their products through export. The main export product of the Company is handmade baskets known internationally as Bolgatanga Baskets.  The Company is a rural based poverty alleviation business and export oriented in its operations and activities.

Savanna Baskets is set on a mission to deliver quality baskets to its customers on timely basis, empower our artisans with sustainable incomes, and make a difference in their lives no matter how big or small.

Savanna Baskets seeks to provide the best working conditions for its employees and producers to deliver products, which meet the full expectations of its customers, generate sustainable incomes to the weavers without compromising on safe environmental practices.

We have established a collaborative partnership relationship with our producers rather than factory-worker type relationship. Our vision is to build the capacity of the producers to a level of independence rather than dependence.