ZINE | Zodiac - Cancer

ZINE | Zodiac - Cancer

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Zodiac 101 Zine

A zine is a self published mini magazine, usually duplicated by copy.  Each Zodiac 101 Zine is created by Michelle of Moon+Myrrh, our local to Little Rock Astrologer. Each zine is 16 color mini-pages filled with:
  • 101 on 1 sign of the zodiac
  • journaling prompts
  • a sign specific tarot spread
  • a bingo card to roast the sign
Perfect to gift to your friends based on their signs, or to use for your own seasonal rituals. Also a great tool for expanding your personal Astrology knowledge!  Measures 4x5 inches. Each zine comes protected by a plastic sleeve, and includes a mini moon sticker!