BATH | Main Street Apothecary Soap

BATH | Main Street Apothecary Soap

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Handmade in Marion County Arkansas

  • Sea Salt - 
  • Wild Violet - Violet leaves contain significant amounts of mucilage that helps soothe the skin. Infused Olive Oil with Violet leaves and Alkanet roots to create a lovely bar of soap.
  • Garden - gains exfoliating properties from organic oat flour and finely ground coffee with essential oils of spearmint, cedarwood and lemongrass.
  • Buffalo River - has a beautiful strip of alkanet root and has essential oils of lemongrass, lavender and spearmint.
  • Lavender - Menthol crystals are added for a hint of sparkling freshness plus a bit of kaolin clay for gentle exfoliation. Alkanet root, infused in olive oil, is added for a touch of color. Fresh Lavender is great as a 'wake me up' morning soap. It smells so fresh and leaves the skin with an energized sensation.
  • Charcoal - Charcoal facial soap includes tea tree essential oil.